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Looking for a new yacht? While the benefits of owning a yacht are as endless as the locations you’ll enjoy, it’s important to make an informed purchase decision to ensure you’ll be happy with your yacht for years to come. 

At Neptune Oceanic, our buyer’s representative service is completely independent and transparent and we have decades of combined experience in managing all aspects of yacht ownership. Our service covers the search, negotiation and settlement aspects of a new or used boat purchase.


Our Knowledge 

Using decades of experience we navigate the purchase process as your representative, saving you time, money and protecting you as the buyer. When purchasing a high value asset you have to be confident in who you are dealing with and the product you are buying.

Our view on client relationships is a long term one which is why we designed our yacht management service to support you in your yacht ownership journey once the purchase is complete.

Making Your Life Easy


There are many aspects to consider when buying and owning a yacht. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need some guidance and advice, we’re here to help. Our detailed selection criteria ensures we find the right vessel at the right price to suit you and your family’s needs. 

Saving You Time


We take care of the search, negotiation and settlement aspects of your yacht purchase. Our process saves you time so that you can concentrate on planning and enjoying your time on the water.

Delivering Integrity


We are an independent business that prides itself on integrity and transparency. We make every effort to ensure you are getting what you expect. Our knowledge and experience ensures you make the right purchase decision at the right price.

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