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How to ensure luxury yacht ownership is a breeze?

You’ve purchased your dream boat and you’re enjoying precious time on the water with family and friends, creating lifetime memories.

What most boat owners are not thinking about at this point are unforeseen expenses and costly repairs, most of which are the consequences of poor maintenance, and furthermore most of which are preventable.

Along with berthing, a reality of boat ownership is its ongoing maintenance.

Yachts have complex systems, each with its own recommended service schedules and warranty provisions. The larger the vessel, the more complex the systems. Onboard superyachts, the full-time crew are also in charge of maintaining the ship’s systems and preparing the vessel for the owner’s (or charter guests’ use).

For boat owners operating without professional crew, outsourced vessel management is a viable option.

Yacht Management

The experts at Neptune Oceanic provide a full vessel management service, freeing your time to focus on the pleasurable aspects of the boating lifestyle.

We take full responsibility for the maintenance of the vessel and also schedule regular engine checks, vessel inspections and thorough cleaning. Our management package is designed to ensure that your vessel is ready and fully operational when you’re ready to use it.

We carry out regular checks and servicing on equipment, formulate a maintenance program compatible with brands’ warranties, and troubleshooting for any issues. As part of our service plan, we divide the vessel into three sections: engineering, deck and interior and offer management for all three sections individually or as a complete package.

For your peace of mind, we use world-leading planned maintenance software to store all your vessel details and make sure that all the required maintenance is scheduled and completed on time and to budget, and that the maintenance record is also stored electronically.

An accurate maintenance record is a valuable asset when it comes time to sell your vessel. It protects the value of your vessel and allows you the freedom to step on and off, secure in the knowledge your boat is safe, functioning and it’s also in shipshape. For more information about luxury yacht ownership and more of our services visit our management page.