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The importance of routine maintenance and record-keeping

Boats are an investment in our health, sanity and the means of spending quality time with family and friends, to create memories for a lifetime.  But just as they deliver many moments of happiness and satisfaction, boat ownership comes with the responsibility of regular maintenance. This is how to maximise the value of your yacht.

The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to yacht maintenance can prove extremely costly and potentially dangerous, jeopardising your family’s safety at sea. That is the motto of a yacht owner who sticks their head in the sand and ignores the realities of a regular plan of maintenance and service for the good of their asset.

Preventative measures minimise downtime and ensure you’re not liable for expensive repairs, replacements or in the worst-case scenario, rescue!

There are several parts of a vessel that need to be considered part of imperative maintenance: engines, generators, bilge pumps, hull, electrical systems, plumbing, fittings and fixtures such as clears, upholstery and stainless steel.

What you can do…

Regular maintenance and inspections ensure that issues are found early and are rectified before they become costly problems. Having a dedicated maintenance system in place ensures the safety and reliability of your vessel whenever you choose to take it out, as well as cost-effective operation.

Furthermore, maintenance records and reports are stored in a dedicated software package which is transferable so that when it comes time to sell your vessel, these records are also part of the package and a positive selling point.

How to maximise the value of your yacht today?

Our qualified marine engineers at Neptune Oceanic have over two decades of experience in the superyacht sector. No matter what the size, make or model of your vessel, we provide owners with advice and support for all aspects of maintenance.

We take on the role of the single point of contact for your vessel. Owners can literally step on board and cruise with peace of mind knowing every system is functioning in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, and also leave the ongoing maintenance program to us.