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Spend less time managing your yacht and more time enjoying it

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Comprehensive Vessel Management

Neptune Oceanic is the solution for those who want to keep their yacht in its best shape without the common stresses of ownership. Our vessel management service is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each owner whether they are new to yachting or are seasoned sailors. We help our clients get the best out of their asset, whether it is a 20-metre sailing vessel or a 100-metre superyacht.

Save Time & Frustration

With all the different systems to maintain and technical aspects involved in running a yacht, it’s easy to spend more time and frustration on trying to understand how to sort everything out. From logging all equipment to scheduling maintenance checks to managing contractors, Neptune Oceanic will keep on top of everything so you have more time to enjoy it.

Feel Safe

Ever had a yacht break down when you least expect it? It’s not fun and can make you feel unsafe and embarrassed. Neptune Oceanic has detailed plans for the yachts we manage, to make sure that doesn’t happen. We use
only the best suppliers who will provide quality workmanship in order to avoid any future breakdowns or unexpected downtime. And if a moment should arise, we are on hand to help, wherever that may be in the world.

Save Costs & Protect Your Investment

Costs can quickly add up when owning and running a luxury yacht. Our comprehensive vessel management service reduces unnecessary downtime and expensive breakdown repairs by logging equipment, scheduling maintenance checks and managing contractors. We ensure the right suppliers are engaged for the right price and that their work is monitored for quality control, so that your vessels holds it value now and in the future.

Don’t let the management of your yacht take over your life


Our Process

Let us help you manage your yacht every step of the way, our 6 step process is guaranteed to make your yacht ownership easier. Management and maintenance of your yacht will be a worry of the past, leaving you with precious time to spend with your family and friends at sea.

Your boat is your pride and joy, let us help you keep it that way. Book a free discovery session with our team today.

1. Initial Vessel Inspection

We will inspect all parts of the vessel from technical equipment to exterior and interior furnishing. We’ll record the current status, damages or changes as we go through this thorough inspection.

2. Everything Logged In One Convenient Place

Once all parts of the yacht are inspected, the information will be logged in our sophisticated maintenance software system. A convenient all-in-one electronic system will store all maintenance logs, documents, service reports and equipment manuals. This ensures that all required maintenance will be scheduled and completed on time.

3. Scheduled Maintenance

We will manage and plan the scheduled maintenance on the vessel always keeping you informed on timings and costs, so there are no surprises.

4. Regular Check-Ups

Outside the required maintenance we pride ourselves on checking the vessel on a regular schedule to minimise unexpected issues so you can feel safe out at sea with your family and friends.

5. Project Management

We can help you update or replace anything you need on your yacht, no matter the complexity or size. Our extensive experience in sourcing different suppliers and managing projects from start to finish means we always ensure a smooth and cost effective outcome.

6. Reselling

Through Neptune Oceanics’ planned maintenance software, you will have a comprehensive history on your vessel which will help when it comes time to resell. All documentation and vessel maintenance information can be made available with just one click!

You own a luxury yacht, which is your pride and joy, let us help you keep it that way. Book a free discovery session with our team today.

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