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Buying a boat is a major investment, more than the outlay for a home in many cases with less ‘practical’ justification, other than the recreation, health and lifetime experiences for your family. This is why you need to use a buyers representative.

Most people have limited time, feel unsure about where to look or what to look for, and less idea of the complexities of the process. Nobody wants to waste their money on a vessel that doesn’t live up to expectations, or at worse, causes major expense in repairs or risks their family’s safety.

Over the past 15 years as Chief Engineer aboard some of the world’s great superyachts up to 100 metres, and prior to that, two years in the Navy, I have observed numerous transactions from both the vendor’s and buyer’s perspective. I have seen many buyers daunted by the process.

How can a buyer’s representative help?

Using a reputable, qualified buyer’s representative means you can trust they put your interests first, with no bias towards brands or vendors. Their advice is impartial, individual and independent.

They can scope worldwide to find the best options for you and deliver transparency throughout the process. At the very least, the experience will be educational and enjoyable.

Working with your list of must-haves and nice-to-have attributes, as well as drilling down to how you wish to use your boat (private, charter, family, corporate, travel, close to home, circumnavigation, ‘Seabattical’ – the list goes on), a buyer’s rep will ideally have an international network of contacts they can rely on to deliver a shortlist of suitable vessels for your consideration.

Relying on their expertise and specialist knowledge, you can be confident of saving time and money throughout the entire journey, and spare yourself the inconvenience (or worse) of the wrong decision.

When you use Neptune Oceanic, we provide a tailored, superyacht-calibre service to every boat buyer, whether you’re in the market for a 60-foot motor yacht or 100-metre superyacht, your first or part of your fleet.

In addition to acting as a buyer’s rep, we offer yacht management and support for the life cycle of the vessel, to ensure the asset’s value is maintained and when it comes time to sell, your vessel is in top condition. Maintenance and troubleshooting are far less costly than repair and replacement.

Drawing on 20+ years working in the superyacht industry, our unrivalled specialist expertise is applied to developing a planned maintenance program that ensures the ease of owning, running and enjoying your vessel.